1. The Karate Instructor is referred to as “SENSEI”.
  2. All members must use the proper terms to answer Sensei (Hai-yes or No); Slang, such as yeah, ok, etc., is not to be used.
  3. All members must bow when entering and leaving the Dojo.
  4. All members shall remove their shoes before walking on the deck.
  5. All members must kneel down and bow when coming onto the deck for the first time and when leaving for the last time.
  6. Members must kneel and say to Sensei before the lesson, ”O-NEGAI SHIMASU” (Please take care of my lesson), and A-RI—GA—TO (Thank You), after the lesson, as in the traditional manner of the martial arts.
  7. No one is permitted to leave the deck during a lesson, without permission from Sensei.
  8. Keep your fingernails and toenails short, feet must be clean for each lesson.
  9. Keep your gee neat and clean and fold it the proper way, at all times.
  10. Do not leave any personal belongings, clothing or uniform In the DoJo.
  11. Do not wear any rings, necklaces, earrings, etc. during the lesson.
  12. All members shall not take class If under the Influence of any alcoholic beverages, or drugs.
  13. No one will be allowed to chew gum during the class.
  14. No Smoking allowed in the dojo.
  15. All members shall not use profanity In the dojo.
  16. Do not criticize other members.
  17. Excessive laughter or loud talking will not be allowed in the dojo.
  18. Refrain from misusing your knowledge.
  19. All members must report to Sensei any incidents that occur that Involve Karate.
  20. The office must be promptly notified of any change in address or phone number.
  21. All signs and periodic posting are to be observed at all times.
  22. All members must have regular attendance at the FIGHTING WORKSHOPS.
  23. All members must have their own fighting shoes and gloves for the fighting workshops.
  24. No member will be allowed to Kumite (spar) without permission from the Sensei, and must be Supervised by a higher ranking belt.
  25. Any student who fails to show up for an appointment without calling will loose his lesson and be charged a cancellation fine, also any student who cancels his lesson at the last minute will be charged a cancellation fine.
  26. Do not demonstrate karate, or participate In any tournaments without prior permission from Sensei.
  27. Members are not permitted to teach Karate to the public without prior written permission from Sensei (U.S. Representative).
  28. Try to promote the true spirit of Karate by developing: Health (physical development), Character (mental development), Skill (proficiency in kumite) Respect (courtesy to others), and Humility (Never lose sight of your shortcomings).
  29. Any student, regardless of his rank, who fails to follow this school policy will be dismissed

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