With Okinawa Kenpo Karate training, children develop a foundation for success that will last them a lifetime.

All children, male and female, can benefit from martial arts training at our school.  The skills learned on our school carry over into all aspects of the children's lives.

Parents often notice that with Karate Training, children learn how to better focus & channel their energy in a more positive direction.  This results in better grades in school, better physical fitness, more focused listening, better memory and respect towards parents.

  • Respect: For themselves and others

  • Self-Discipline: To stick to a goal until it is achieved

  • Self-Esteem: By reaching their goals 

  • Self-Confidence: Learn how to stand up for themselves and say "NO" to unhealthy peer pressure.

  • Self-Defense: Your child no longer has to fear bullies in the schoolyard.

Many Overweight children gain better health by taking off the extra weight through self-discipline & exercise. Shy children are often brought out of their shell.  Children who respect themselves and take pride in their achievements are much less likely to fall victim to drugs and other undesired behaviors.

Children's classes:

1 Lesson Per Week - $50 Per Month
2 Lessons Per Week - $60
Per Month
3 Lessons Per Week - $70
Per Month

 No contract.

Tuesdays 5-6pm
Thursdays 5-6pm
and Saturdays 12-1pm

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