Higa arranges Matsui encounter

Teruyuki Higa (right) makes it possible for Yuta Heshiki (center) to meet Matsui at the Yankees' stadium on August 5

Baseball-loving teenager Yuta Heshiki, 15, met Major League Yankees player Hideki Matsui in New York on August 5. His dream is to become a professional player himself, but that dream is presently on hold since he is suffering from a wasting disease of the muscles.

Matsui put his hand on Yuta's shoulder and said, "Let's play baseball together once you get better," as Yuta prepared to leave New York and return to Okinawa.

Yuta is a Yokatsu High School freshman and suffering from a rare condition which started when he was still at elementary school where he played on the baseball team for two years. His father Chotoku used to be the manager.



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