Master Higa's Responds To An Email

Master Teruyuki Higa

Master Higa received this email from a Mr. Rob Dubel:


Was just viewing your website, interesting you claim to teach real karate but in your video your black belts flail away at each other like untrained women during sparring. your techniques also look primitive and outdated, perhaps you should send one of your top students to an MMA event or even a MMA school and watch him get cleaned up before you critisize others.

Rob dubel

Master Higa responded to this email:

Dear Sir,

It is likely you misunderstand the message and perhaps what you have seen on the site. The videos touch upon the basics and fundamental drilling; you won't see anything fancy or get a complete picture from it.

We respect all effective Martial Arts training. The bottom line is that if a person is training for their life, they are likely not being misled. Any criticism offered is toward schools and teachers that mislead and take advantage of unsuspecting students for commercial gain. Think about how many people are fooled by promotion factories; there are even sites on the internet that you can get your black belt from if you watch and exchange a series of videos. Naturally there are plenty of schools with integrity in how they prepare their students and also plenty of tough systems/styles including MMA. Each school is usually as good as its teacher and the principles they teach. Unfortunately there many unqualified thieves preying on the unsuspecting and their wallets so it is truly buyer beware.

My opinion is that we need to be able to treat our respective arts as something that prepares us for life or death situations. This implies that there are really no rules (striking & kicking restrictions) when/if the moment of truth arrives. The only rule is that of being the one to survive the conflict. Many tournaments seen on TV have strict rules that opponents must follow for safety reasons (no striking eyes, throat, groin, etc). These rules are essential for fighter safety but it is important to remember that even the strongest individual can be disabled by these forbidden techniques. Those very techniques are vital for us to remember and practice if we are to save our lives on the street against a tougher or stronger opponent. In summary, if a school teaches these kinds of street smart principles regardless of the allure of belt is providing a service and should be commended.

I hope this better explains my perspective and what the site tries to convey...


Master Teruyuki Higa


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