Master Higa offers students the opportunity to apply the skills they learn from their private classes in Kumite Workshops.  In these workshops, students learn to fight under any circumstance.  

They practice every conceivable situation, including:

  • Standing Empty Hand Fighting

  • Ground Fighting

  • Empty Hands vs. Weapons

  • Knife Fighting

  • Knife vs. Empty Hands

  • Short Stick vs. Short Stick

  • Multiple Attackers

  • and many other adverse situations.

Students enrolled in Master Higa's Okinawa Kenpo Karate School have the option to participate in Kumite Workshops.  At Kumite Workshops, students are taught specific skills, their application in real fighting, and then get to apply those skills in actual fighting.  Here is a film clip of a Kumite workshop on 6/15/05.

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Jiyu Kumite (Free Fighting)  Schedule

Jiyu Kumite Workshop

Kumite Workshops will be held every Wednesday 7-8 pm!

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